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Re: Intent to NMU of help for an l10n upload of movabletype-opensource to fix pending po-debconf l10n bugs

Quoting Dominic Hargreaves (dom@earth.li):

> Thanks for your input. My current plan for this package is that I'm
> expecting a new upstream release in the upcoming weeks which I intend
> to upload (I already have a prerelease prepared, including the
> pending translations updates).
> Feel free to coordinate more translation updates as required, obviously,
> but I would prefer it if they were just sent as patches to the BTS
> rather than an NMU.

They will anyway. For packages like yours, I use the same process than
l10n NMUs but, as the maintainer is obviously active, I generaly don't

At the end of the translation update round, I'll send you a
summary....and then nag you for an upload...:-)

(actually, I will certainly suggest an interim upload w/o waiting for
an upstream release, but we'll see in about 8-10 days)

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