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Re: Recommended usage for podebconf-report-po


Am Donnerstag, den 08.05.2008, 16:15 +0200 schrieb Nicolas François:
> There has been recently a few threads about a recommended usage for
> podebconf-report-po, so I plan to add an EXAMPLES section in its manpage.

 I wonder, wouldn't it be convenient to have podebconf-report-po
actually /use/ the recommended things as default instead of insisting on
the package maintainers to read up about its usage and maybe miss the
one or the other? What happened to the principle of sensible defaults
that should be used?

 I'm sorry if that might sound a bit harsh, but from a package
maintainer's point of view, when a new switch is added and it is
considered best practise, isn't that a clear hint that that switch
should rather be on by default requiring from the users to pull them all
out, one after the other?

 It might be too late to go that path, and people might claim "it always
behaved this way, not everyone might use these (default) switches", but
actually I wonder how many don't use --with-translators for a start.

 Just a thought,

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