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l10n status D-I lenny beta2 release

As the timeframe for updates was short, I think that the result is not
that bad:

Complete languages by sublevels:

Sublevel 1: 34
Sublevel 2: 32
Sublevel 3: 31
Sublevel 4: 31
Sublevel 5: 48

That makes 30 languages which are 100% for D-I level 1, all sublevels


15 languages are over 96% complete. Most of these just missed the
beta2 deadline but were 100% for beta1. So I'm not worried about
them. Maybe their translators are not reading debian-i18n closely enough.


13 are over 90%. Several of these are missing updates since Etch. I'm
more worried for them. For nearly all of them, the translator is
*obviously* not reading -i18n and I have to nag him|her personnally,
which is a real PITA:


The last one is Kurdish with 89%. This one is slowly catching up to
100% since the release of Etch with a quite active team. I'm not *too*

We have 60 (including English) active languages in D-I.

I just updated http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/doc/i18n/languages.html
for this.


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