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how to handle i18n Description field in debian/control file?

[please add me in Cc:, as I'm not list subscriber]
[note: I'm not very fluent in English...]

Hello all,
I wonder what is the way to internationalize "Description: " field
in control files (got a warning about both missing Description field
and unknown _Description field while build a package when I use
the underscore and add it to po-debconf handling).

I found
http://release.debian.org/lenny/goals.txt #7

Also, I found some packages pages internationalized, as:

And, obviously :), a rgrep on French portions of the description
in expanded source of /sylpheed-claws-1.0.5 didn't succeed.

I also read
about apt 0.6 i18n support for Descriptions.

LANG=C man deb-control gives nothing about i18n (updated 2006-02-28)

apt-get --version => apt (etch)

Can someone point me out the way or Internet resource to do it
in my test packages?

Thomas Harding

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