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Re: D-I Manual - String freeze / Call to update translations (deadline: Feb 10)

Esko Arajärvi wrote:
>> - Finnish: there was a message saying review was in progress, but no
>> updates have been committed.
> Uh oh. I haven't been reading my mails carefully enough. I was asked in a
> private mail to update the installer (which I have done), and somehow
> thought you were talking about the same thing. That means no Finnish
> update for the manual is coming now, but at least there's intention to
> update the translation later.

Indeed, although part of the same project, the manual is a different entity
(different package, different releases) than the installer itself.

BTW, we currently still send the build logs for the manual to Tapio
Lehtonen's private email. If you are going to do updates as well [1], that
is possibly not very practical. Is there perhaps a mailing list I could use,
or would you like us to just CC you?

If you prefer, feel free to send me a mailing address privately instead of
to the list.

Thanks for the quick reply.


[1] I assume Tapio is OK with that.

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