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Re: albanian translations

Quoting marshall haueter (marshieparshie@riseup.net):
> hello,
> i tried to join the albanian translation team's mailing list about two months 
> ago, but the request timed-out after two weeks.  does anyone know if the team 
> is still active?
> if not, does anyone have contact with fluent albanian speakers?  i have been 
> translating some POTs, but i only started learning albanian a few months ago 
> and would like someone to check my work.

I suggest you cantact Elian Myftiu <elian.myftiu@gmail.com>

Elian is active from time to time, mostly maintaining Debian Installer
translations (but, for instance, he did not update his translation
since September). So he might be happy to get some help..:-)

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