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Re: Translating packages.debian.org (Call for translations)

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On 19-10-2007 11:04, Eder L. Marques wrote:
> Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) escreveu:

> Well, I'll make this job with the debian-l10n-portuguese, just like
> every others, and I won't send anything without synchronize with the
> team, but no problems for me if you prefer yourself commit. :)

	At least in the beginning... until you get used to the
system and procedures. Then, we can coordinate our work on the
list as usual, but with more people with commit access.

>> 	BTW, I'm already working on p.d.o translations. :-)
> I didn't see an entry about it in the our status page.
> Let's go to organize our efforts in our mailing list.

	I'm working alone in the website for more than one year,
addingo info to the robot in this context is meaningless and
useless and only make me work more. :-)

	Having another pair of hands to help with the website
translations sounds nice, and I'm happy to see this happens,
anyway, this is now off-topic for -i18n and -www. Let's work
on that on our list.

	Kind regards,
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Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
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