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Re: UTF-8 manual pages

Colin Watson wrote:
> Once we have a consensus on install locations, dh_installman should IMO
> be changed to do the recoding automatically; to do this, it needs to be
> told the source encoding. Joey, what do you think is the best way to do
> this? Options that come to mind are:
>   * --language=<ll>.ISO-8859-1
>   * --source-encoding=ISO-8859-1
>   * manpage:ISO-8859-1 on the command line or in debian/package.manpages
> It's worth noting that packages may well have manual pages in a number
> of languages with a variety of encodings, so I'm not sure how well a
> global --source-encoding option would work.
> Of course the other option would be for dh_installman to DWIM and guess
> the encoding in the same way man does. :-) The transition to UTF-8 would
> happen much faster if maintainers didn't have to specify the encoding by
> hand. If you'd like to take this approach I can add code to man-db as
> necessary to help out.

Bear in mind that my skills at messing about with encodings are such
that I left #441812 open rather than try to figure out how to recode
those man pages from utf-8 to something old man could support -- because
I failed miserably for an hour trying to do the recoding. :-)

I don't much like any of the switch ideas, since they would probably
not be able to express all possible collections of man pages (given
debhelper's current command line parser). The manpage:encoding idea
could work, but might have ambiguity issues with man pages with colons
in their name (perl ones have two colons, but I'll bet there are some
with one). I'd be ok with DWIM here if it worked the same way man does,
perhaps by using manconv directly?

see shy jo

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