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Re: Hex-a-hop for users

On Sun, Aug 19, 2007 at 06:12:33PM +0930, Clytie Siddall wrote:
> Now we've translated Hex-a-hop,

We recieved already translations for es (partly), ru (still partly),
de, nl and vi. More are welcome, especially as the i18n process is now
nearly finished.

> does that mean non-English-speaking  
> users can grab a copy from the game homepage?
> http://www.aceinternet.co.uk/~mokona/

The upstream author did not yet replied to our patches and does probably
not yet know anything about our attempts. Nevertheless the upstream
version was used to create binaries for many platforms and I really hope
we didn't used non portable code (iconv, nl_langinfo(CODESET), ...?) in
our patches.

Let me describe the necessary steps to build hex-a-pop on other systems,
so that you can forward it to technically skilled persons who may
provide you with an OS X binary:

All patches are part of the Debian source package and can be obtained
from a Subversion repository. (Just follow the Version Control links in
http://packages.qa.debian.org/h/hex-a-hop.html). Or simply use a
slightly older version of all patches from hex-a-hop_0.0.20070315-3.diff.gz.

The upstream source code is also available on this page:

The patches need to be applied on the upstream source in the order
specified in debian/patches/series such as
$ patch -p1 -i debian/patches/endianess.patch 
[same for other patches]
(This works also in non Debian systems)

Now install all necessary requirements to build it from source e.g. via
fink: gettext, fontconfig, SDL and SDL Pango libraries and development
header files. You need of course also make and a C++ compiler (e.g.

(The SDL Pango library is assumed to be patched to extent it
(http://packages.qa.debian.org/s/sdlpango.html contains the patch in
sdlpango_0.1.2-1.diff.gz). If the build fails with a undefined reference
to SDLPango_SetText_GivenAlignment than just replace the line
SDLPango_SetText_GivenAlignment(context, text_utf8.c_str(), -1, SDLPANGO_ALIGN_CENTER);
SDLPango_SetText(context, text_utf8.c_str(), -1);
It is untested but should work.)

Now just compile it using:
 make CXXFLAGS=-DUSE_GETTEXT NAME="hex-a-hop" DATA_DIR="/usr/share/games/hex-a-hop"
That's all.

> Debian users, I'm assuming, can just grab the package (and they don't  
> have to run make?). ;)


> I'd like to promote the game on our community list (some fun in  
> between all the testing and arguing about vocabulary). But I need  
> simple instructions of the "Grab this and run it" variety.

If the above is not sufficent please contact me in a private mail.
I would really like to know whether it is still portable.


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