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Request for ideas how to fix #297074

First, a short explanation of the use case:

1. User runs poedit (aka potooledit) on a partially translated po file.
2. Poedit retrieves only the untranslated messages from the file (by
   filtering it through potool -fnt) and puts them into a temporary po
3. Poedit launches $EDITOR on that temporary po file
4. User does some translation, saves the file, exits the editor
5. Poedit merges the original and the temporary file back together

Now, to reproduce the bug:

1. use an editor which can auto-detect the file encoding, e.g. vim
2. run poedit on a file which is in encoding A, while your locale is set
to use encoding B. (where neither A nor B is a subset of the other. For
example UTF-8 and Latin2)

What happens in step 3 is that vim looks at an ascii-only file (since
msgids are in POSIX locale) and when the user inputs the translation in
her own language, the editor decides to use encoding B (since it's the
locale default).

Then in step 5 poedit merges the original (in encoding A) and the
temporary (in encoding B) creating a broken and a difficult to fix file
with different parts in differing encodings.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this properly, keeping in mind
that poedit is editor-agnostic so it is hard to determine what encoding
the editor has chosen to use for the temporary file.

The only metadata available seems to be the Content-type field of the
header in the original po file, but I can't see how to enforce it for
the temporary file...

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