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(forw) Debian Installer Status Update - 30th July 2007

Translators, as a first lenny D-I release is planned on September as
the following says, I really suggest you think about updating your
translation files as early as possible.

Those of you who never updated their translation since the release of
etch will have 44 fuzzy and 39 untranslated strings. That's enough for
thinking about updating them *now*.

Please remember that all of you should be subscribed to debian-i18n
and this notice should be enough. I *know* this is not true for
several of you who I will have to re-ping in a few weeks, which is
kind of a shame....:-|

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Subject: Debian Installer Status Update - 30th July 2007
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Date: Mon, 30 Jul 2007 19:03:18 -0300
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First we'd like to say thank you to Frans Pop by his work as Debian Installer
Release Manager and we (Jeremy, Joey and Otavio) are starting to work as a team
to manage the next Debian Installer release.

It won't be an easy task and we'll do mistakes, for sure, but we're very 
commited to get it done.

Bear on mind that we're intending to have a team-like coordination of the Debian
Installer release process and that means you're free to collaborate to it. Please
report any issue you have experienced and that's not reported here so we can keep
the whole installer quality as good as we can.

Just in case you wonder, we hope to make a beta1 release on the end of
September. :)

New stuff
- ---------

 * Transition from devfs style device name is now complete.
 * sparc32 is gone, and code has been cleaned up.
Breakage in daily builds
- ------------------------

 * arm (ads_cf) had a build-failure due the lack of pcmcia-cs-udeb but it's now
   addressed and should be ok by tomorrow.

 * The installation problem due the missing symbols still exists in some
   architectures since the conflict between libc-dev and linux-libc-dev (IIUC) 
   isn't resolved yet (#434040).

 * mips and mipsel builds are still broken.  A possible solution has been
   identified and we are waiting for actions by the daily build maintainer.

 * weekly CD builds for sparc are broken.

Other issues
- ------------

 * Chinese (and Japanese/Korean) texts issue in slang2 (#425835) is still there.

 * Regressions in cleaning old LVM partitions (#425829) unfixed as well.

Kernel status
- -------------

 * linux-modules-di-m68k-2.6 isn't uploaded due the lack of loop-aes and squashfs
   since linux-headers lack modules.lds files (#402061).

 * hppa has been switched to 2.6.21 but the kernel is currently affected by
   #431773, #427398, #433768 - all marked as pending.

 * sparc kernel seems to produces unkillable processes (#433187).

Installation Images
- -------------------

 * netinst images are huge due debian-cd inclusion of excluded packages
   dependencies (#410418).

- --

Debian Installer Release Team
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