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Multiple POT files in one upstream source

(Please CC: me)

I have an upstream, unreleased, application that also builds a shared
library (with public API, -dbg and -dev and is also unreleased). Both
the library and the application contain translated strings. The strings
for translation in the library are also likely to be used by other
applications that want to use that library.

I'm having trouble working out how to get multiple po/ directory
support working with gettext because the paths never seem to be correct
between Makefile.in, Makevars and POTFILES.in.

If I have:

Does anyone know how to set src/po/POTFILES.in|Makevars and
src/objects/po/POTFILES.in|Makevars such that make -C src/po
program.pot and make -C src/objects/library.pot actually work?

I've sorted out the handling of DOMAIN and PACKAGE etc., it is the
paths that break.

make: *** No rule to make target `../../program.c', needed by
`program.pot'.  Stop.

POTFILES.in contains

Makevars contains:
subdir = po
top_builddir = ../..

Other options:
1. Use only one POT file for the application and require other
applications to duplicate the translations of the strings in the

2. Use only one POT file for the library and require other applications
to provide their own translations - may not work for the current
application because the gettext domain would be wrong, i.e. it needs a
POT file itself which is the whole problem.

3. Split the upstream - frankly, that smacks of a dirty hack because
this would be the ONLY reason to even consider splitting the upstream.
Yes, it can be done but I would rather not have to do it just for

Are there packages that I can look at as examples of working with
multiple POT files from one .orig.tar.gz ? (Preferably ones that don't
use complicated M4 or autotools magic to fix the problems.)

Is there *any* documentation for this section of the gettext info:
"   The first three variables can be left unmodified if your package has
a single message domain and, accordingly, a single `po/' directory.
Only packages which have multiple `po/' directories at different
locations need to adjust the three first variables defined in
It would be useful if there was some indication of what changes might
be required for multiple po/ directories!


Neil Williams

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