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Re: {i18n,ddtp}.debian.net downtime

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On 07/28/2007 06:40 AM, Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:
> On 7/23/07, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) <faw@debian.org> wrote:
>> Hi everybody,
>>         We are on a "kind of" scheduled downtime for "churro"
>> (the server that hosts i18n.debian.net and ddtp.debian.net,
>> and is kindly donated by Extremadura), we had some unexpected
>> errors pointed out by SMART (and also by grisu, thanks) which
>> leads us to shutdown it until our local admin can take a look
>> into it.
> I've been away a few days and it still seems to be down? Is this the
> case, or should I be checking my internet connection?

	Yes, it is. We are having problems to contact our local
admin, something seems to be wrong, and personally I'm starting
to be a little bit worried about what could had happened.

	Since yesterday, I started the alternative contact
procedure but it can take a little bit longer, we are working
everyday to try to get it back as soon as possible.

	Sorry for any troubles that it may cause.

> Have a nice day,

	Kind regards,
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Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw)
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