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[D-I] New strings in D-I: small but important translator's notice

Most D-I translators will notice the appearance of new strings in D-I.

Some are related to Joey Hess' work to have D-I use NTP to set the
clock up.

Some others are related to work on apt-setup to make it use
volatile.debian.org in addition to security.debian.org and allow the
user to choose to use these services or not.

Please note that, as usual when some new templates are introduced, it
may take some time to stabilize them. So, of course, you can update
them if you can't stand being below 100% (Which Is Good) but don't be
mad if you have to re-update them a few times. You've been warned..:-)

Be careful: some of these templates use variables. Formerly, the
variable was ${SECURITY_HOST}  and it has been modified to
${HOST}. You should notice this as D-I PO files now use gettext's
"--previous" option.

Also, please take care TO NOT USE poedit. It breaks PO files with "#|"
comments as explained on Rhonda's blog
If you insist on using poedit, please fix your files before committing
them. Committing broken files may make you lose your commit access.


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