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Suggestions for DDTP

Hi Michael,

a few questions/remarks/suggestions about DDTP:

* GET package_name lang is not documented in your mail guide
* Trying to fetch multiple packages
   GET luola-levels popa3d de.UTF-8
  results in
  ERROR: get
    missing number or package name
* Do I get the testing or sid version using GET package lang? How
  to change this?
* As many encodings are wrong it would be nice if you could test for
  proper encoding. The accept mails (which are wrong encoded as well :-))
  from DDTP seem already to test this (according to the messages in the
  the mail) but it does not work properly. I suggest to search (at least
  for German) in suspected UTF-8 encoded data files for à (utf-8 encoded
  umlauts (ä, ü, ...) considered as latin1) and � (could please anybody
  explain how this results?) and to reject these translations with a
  "probably wrong encoding" message? A new flag "force" in the subject could
  bypass the test (if these characters are indeed valid).
* Further tests should be implemented based on language specific rules ...


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