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(forw) New Armenian language coordinator

After we completed the New Language Process for Armenian in D-I, let
me introduce you our new language coordinator for Armenian.

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Date: Tue, 08 May 2007 12:31:32 +0500
From: Vardan Gevorgyan <vgevorgy@nextmail.ru>
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Subject: New Armenian language coordinator
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Hi all

My name is Vardan Gevorgyan. I'm from Armenia.
I'm the new Armenian language coordinator.

I'm not alone.
When I say "I" I mean "We" :)

Who are we?
We are the "Arevelk-Arevmutk" Medical & Scientific Foundation witch
works on linux integration in Armenia.
We have not website, yet. But we are working in it.
We are working on website where everyone can be registered and may have
chance to take part in whole Linux system translation process. It's
something like po(t), php editor.

And it's not all :)

"Arevelk-Arevmutk" Medical & Scientific Foundation
Foundation Director - Ara Gevorgyan
Head of Software Development Department, programmer - Vardan Gevorgyan
Translators - Anahit Navoyan, Tatevik Baykov.

Vardan Gevorgyan

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