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Changes to Debian Installer "level 2" files: adding eject

D-I will now use a small udeb package built from the eject package to
eject the CD|DVD at the end of the installation process, before the

This udeb includes a menu title and therefore needs translation.

As this package is not maintained by the D-I team, it pertains to what
we call "level 2".

Therefore, I added the package to the list of packages in level 2 in
the statistics pages and in the D-I documentation.

The menu title was already translated for a few packages. Translators
who are subscribed to the notification robot already received a
notice in case their language is not included yet.

The POT file is available at

Please report translations in the BTS as *debconf* translations of the
eject package. I will then commit them to the package development CVS,
hosted by Frank Lichtenheld.


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