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Re: Release Notes status -- deadline Sat April 7 04:00 UTC

On Wednesday 04 April 2007 03:33, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> I'm aware we are not providing too much time for translations, but
> translations that are up to date now (or mostly up to date) should not
> have any problem updating the changes introduced in these two days (as
> there will be no major changes)

I fully agree with Javier that the deadlines are extremely short and have
tried to convince the RMs to delay the release to allow for more time to
properly update translations. Unfortunately this has been denied [1].

The build of the official Etch CDs is now planned for Saturday morning.
This means that translations for the Release Notes need to be final before
that time.

Because of this the schedule has to look as follows:
- at the moment there are still some changes that need to be made;
  we will announce on the d-doc and d-i18n list when the English
  version has been frozen; we expect this to be late today (UTC)

- because most translations are currently very outdated and some
  were causing build errors, all translations (except for fr and pt)
  have been disabled and will only be enabled again as they are
  brought completely up-to-date after the English version is frozen

- the deadline for translations is Saturday April 7 04:00 UTC !!!

- translations need to be fully up-to-date at that time to be
  considered for inclusion on the Etch 4.0r0 CDs
- translation updates can be committed in SVN by the translators,
  or sent to either the d-doc or d-i18n mailing lists
- translations can only be enabled if they build correctly for all

We will try to do test builds after translation updates are committed and
inform you if there are any problems. Any problems will need to be fixed
before the deadline.
Because of this, we suggest that you build the release notes yourself to
make sure there are no build errors. You can build all architectures using
the following command:
for arch in alpha amd64 arm hppa i386 ia64 mips mipsel powerpc sparc s390; do \
make architecture=$arch; done

The PO files have now been updated to version 1.258 of the English original.
If you are using a PO file for your translation, you should (if possible)
run the following command to update the PO file from the latest English
version (after running 'svn up' in the parent directory):
    make update-po

If you have any questions, please ask them by mail on either the d-doc or
d-i18n mailing lists.

Again, we are very sorry there is not more time available for translations.
Translations that do not make it before the deadline _will_ be enabled
for the website as soon as they are up-to-date. Also, a 4.0r1 release is
expected not very long after the initial release of Etch, and any
translations completed after the deadline will be added on the CDs for
that release.


[1] As I am both one of the editors for the release notes and the
translator for Dutch, this means that a Dutch translation is unlikely to
be ready before the deadline and thus will not be included :-(

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