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Release notes recent (and planned) changes

Hi there,

As many of you have noticed, the Release Notes are being heavily edited, when
I asked translators to update it was at revision 1.120 and now it is at
revision 1.155.

First of all, please understand that this is inevitable and that more updates
will be forthcoming (you just have to grep for TODO and FIXME in the release
notes to see it coming).  I'm going to stand back for a few days (until this
Friday) to allow translators to catch up with changes, if possible. 

Do not translate sections with prominent FIXMEs or TODOs, as they
are subject to deep changes (or rewrites). Specifically, the following
sections should be left untranslated (if you have not started yet with those)
for the time being:
  * The new section System improvements (tag "improves_in_etch"), as it is
    still in draft form
  * The section "Upgrading from a 2.6 kernel", as it will see many changes (I
    want to test this ugprade myself before getting it documented)

The current status of translations for the Release Notes is:

- updated recently: ca, cs, de, fr, it, ja, pt, ru, sv, vi
- very out of date: da, es, fi, ko, nl, pt_BR, ro, zh_CN, zh_TW

I would suggest the language teams that are 'very ouf of date' to try to
catch up now as it will be probably be more difficult as times goes by and
more and more changes are introduced in the document.

Thanks for your patience,


Here's the detailed status:

DEBUG: Release is 1.155
ca OUT OF DATE (1.121)
cs OUT OF DATE (1.121)
da OUT OF DATE (1.65)
de OUT OF DATE (1.121)
es OUT OF DATE (1.76)
fi PO stats: 221 translated messages, 10 fuzzy translations, 175 untranslated
        fi PO translation OUT OF DATE
fr OUT OF DATE (1.121)
it OUT OF DATE (1.115)
ja PO stats: 254 translated messages, 58 fuzzy translations, 94 untranslated
        ja PO translation OUT OF DATE
ko OUT OF DATE (1.53)
nl OUT OF DATE (1.75)
pt PO stats: 320 translated messages, 23 fuzzy translations, 63 untranslated
        pt PO translation OUT OF DATE
pt_BR OUT OF DATE (1.67)
ERROR: [ pt_PT ] has no SGML nor PO files
ro OUT OF DATE (1.55)
ru PO stats: 323 translated messages, 20 fuzzy translations, 63 untranslated
        ru PO translation OUT OF DATE
ERROR: [ sk ] could not find document version information in headers
sv PO stats: 332 translated messages, 19 fuzzy translations, 55 untranslated
        sv PO translation OUT OF DATE
vi PO stats: 310 translated messages, 33 fuzzy translations, 63 untranslated
        vi PO translation OUT OF DATE
zh_CN PO stats: 192 translated messages, 37 fuzzy translations, 177
untranslated messages.
        zh_CN PO translation OUT OF DATE
zh_TW OUT OF DATE (1.53)

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