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Re: Please unblock mysql-dfsg-5.0 5.0.32-6 <- ABI problems!

On Sunday 18 February 2007 10:31, Christian Perrier wrote:
> Another possibility is also handling a call for translation updates
> lasting for 3 days (the templates changes are very minor and can
> easily be updated very quickly by translators) and then upload a new
> version of the package in unstable.
> 11 translations were complete for the debconf templates before that
> upload. I think that it's possible to fix them in a few days.

The problem I have with this is the assumption that translators will 
always be available to do this on so short notice. That is just not 
realistic. You are virtually demanding that 11 people give priority to 
this rather minor issue, even though they may have other activities 
planned (even other translations).

So what if only 8 translators respond? Should the other 3 languages and 
all users there be punished because their translators were unable to 
react within so short a time period?

IMO translators do have a right to consider their work done during a 
freeze. At some point the burden _has_ to shift from the translators to 
the maintainer. You cannot keep on asking them to update the same package 
again and again.
Unless of course a string change fixes an important issue. As I understand 
it, this is not the case here though. The changes are merely cosmetic and 
could easily be postponed until post-etch.

An possible strategy would be to request translation updates and to keep 
the package frozen until updates for _all_ currently up-to-date 
translations have been received.

IMHO the role of i18n coordinator also involves looking after the 
interests of translations/translators and saying "sorry, no, these 
changes are not acceptable at this point in time".


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