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Re: Accepted libapache-mod-backhand 1.2.2-11 (source i386)

>    * Tidy lintian warnings - standards version, template language, etc.

No, no, no, for the sake of ${DEITY}, please don't do this without
warning translators or taking special care.

You just broke the package's debconf translations which were just
fixed and complete by the former uploads trigerred by my own actions
of reminding you about these l10n bugs. Thiswill require
more work for the translators, several bug reports and a new upload
for you (or a NMU by me, I will not hesitate one single second).

I will post a call for update with a 4 days delay for translators.

This means that translation updates will come until next
Thursday. That exact day, I  hope for a corrective upload.

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