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Re: Indian Version of GNU/Linux named as BOSS GNU/Linux 1.0 (Bharat Operating System Solutions) code named as Tarnag, based on

On Wed, 24 Jan 2007, Chandan M C wrote:

*Indian Version of GNU/Linux named as BOSS GNU/Linux 1.0  (Bharat
Operating System Solutions) code named as Tarnag, based on
Debian GNU/Linux 4.0 (Etch) is launched *


Information Technology, in the country, made specfically for the
Indian environment,

Can you be so kind to be a little bit more verbose on the specifics.

it consists of a pleasing Desktop environment

We hope to target this natively in Debian.  What exactly are you imssing?

coupled with Indian languages support

Debian does a big effort in i18n.  I'm keeping the relevant list
(debian-i18n@lists.debian.org) in CC.  What are you missing? Which
features should we include to simplify your work?

and other pacakges that are most relevant for use in the Government

Well, this sounds like a similar initiative like Debian-eGov


well, I admit that this initiative seems to be cleeping currently,
but what about waking up the beast?  Which packages are you missing
in Debian to consider it fit for government work?  Do you need
sponsors for your packages into official Debian? (Feel free to ask
in case you do not know about the sponsoring program - we would like
to invite you to take part into the official Debian movement.)

The ulitmate goal is to localise it into all
22 official Indian languages so that Information Technology can reach
even the non-english speaking masses who are denied its benefits

Great.  This exactly fits the debian-i18n work.  This team would be
more than happy to apply your patches to reduce the workload you would
have to build your own Linux distribution.

The NRCFOSS choose Debian for its high versatility and reliability as
well as the guarantee to always remain 100% Free Software.

Many thanks for your trust into Debian.

BOSS developers are in the process of contributing their work on some
of the products they have included in BOSS, such as BulkDocConverter

Hmm, sounds like quite a hidden tool - I got only one Google hit.
Could you provide a link and perhaps file a wishlist bug report
to the OpenOffice.org package to include the macro as add on (or
whatever seems promissing for the inclusion into Debian if you regard
this as valuable for your work).

About India

India (Devanagari:Bharat), officially the Republic of India, is a
country in South Asia. ...

A, well, thanks for this introduction.  This reminds me of a funny
story when a Danish representative went to India and he was asked
that he should point to his home country on a globe.  The representative
pointed to Greenland - and people were impressed. :-)
So OK, I guess the location of India is known to most people on this
list and it is nearly safe that we will be able to point on it on a
globe without country boundaries. ;-)

About Debian

I'd like to add some information about Debian: On
you find three entries from India (and I know other Debian
developers who have roots in India and live outside the country).
Compared to the huge country this is a drastically low "density
of Debian developers".  Just have a look at


(Unfortunately both figures are not up to date, but the tendency
 did not change drastically since it was updated.)

So, if you want to change this situation - it is up to you.  We
can do less against this without you people from India.

The Debian project's key strengths are its volunteer base, its

So to conclude my mail: You are invited warmhearted to join the
Debian community and contribute your efforts directly into Debian.

Kind regards



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