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Bug#406897: kbd-chooser: keyboard problems (Turkish and perhaps Hebrew, Lithuanian and Latvian)

Package: kbd-chooser
Severity: normal
Tags: l10n d-i patch


First of all, please accept my apologizes for this late bug report.  I
should have made tests a long time ago.

Some Turkish keys produce wrong characters on the _newly_ installed system.
After tracking down the problem, I discovered its cause -- a workaround
which we had applied to resolve #276548 near the Sarge release.  It seems
that #276548 is not an issue[1] anymore since applying the patch attached
solved the problem.

Please note that:

- Hebrew, Lithuanian and Latvian keyboards may have been adversely affected
  as well (although 'ua', an Ukranian keymap, is also listed there, there
  should be no issue with the actual Ukranian keymap used in d-i, AFAIK).
  So I strongly suggest that these keymaps should also be tested by the
  relevant parties if haven't been already (hence CCed to debian-i18n).

    + First, test all the keys on the newly installed system and make sure
      that they all work as expected.  If you notice an error, start a new
      installation, just switch to VT2 (using <alt-f2>) during the early
      stages of d-i (e.g. before partitioning) and run the following

        sed -i -e 's/kbd-mode/:/g' \

     + Proceed with the installation as normally and perform the same

- I could completely remove all the special code in the post-base-installer
  needed to handle Turkish keyboard.  But I'm deferring it to post-etch as
  it may introduce unexpected side-effects.

Could you please apply the simple patch attached (at least for Turkish)
before the Etch release?  I've tested it carefully and it works ok.

[1] I'm the original author of this workaround, see #276752 (and #276548)
    for details.

--- post-base-installer.orig	2007-01-14 10:28:48.000000000 +0200
+++ post-base-installer	2007-01-14 23:37:01.000000000 +0200
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ fi
 # FIXME Workaround to install some keymaps properly
 case "$KEYMAP" in
-	trq|trf|hebrew|lt|lv-latin4|ua)
+	hebrew|lt|lv-latin4|ua)
 		kbd_mode_temp="ascii" ;;
 		kbd_mode_temp=""      ;;

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