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Re: [WebSec-txt-bg] http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/l10n-stats/level1/bg.txt - 2007.01.07__05.05.07

-=| Christian Perrier,  7.01.2007 19:03 |=-
> Quoting Damyan Ivanov (dam@modsoftsys.com):
>> Hash: SHA1
>> False alarm, I guess?
> No. Right alram, this time, at least for netcfg. Others are a
> consequence of a minor error I made yesterday, which made me commit
> a big bunch of PO files after inadvertently  running the sync script
> in an incorrect environment.
> But the untranslated string in netcfg is *REAL*

I still fail to see it in SVN rev 44052. Stats page shows level1/bg at
100% too.

I remember translating one fuzzy and one (or two?) untranslated
messages before bot's  mail, though. May be a timing issue.

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