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Example "big" Pootle project on i18n.debian.net: debconf translations

> I'm still fighting with Pootle on i18n.debian.net. I try nowto
> integrate all Debian packages with "debconf" translations ("debconf"
> is the Debian configuration system, ie the screens used for prompting
> users when installing some packages..."debconf" translation is one of
> the most achieved i18n part in Debian).
> What I want to import is a tree with over 700 directories, named after
> Debian source packages. Each of these directories contains a variable
> number of PO files, named after the languages ISO-639 code and *one*
> POT file always named "templates.pot".

With a few workarounds and glitches, I have been able to import all
Debian "debconf" translations in Debian's Pootle server (STILL
EXPERIMENTAL, don't use for production work).

As of today, a daily script imports debconf translations for about 700
packages. Each package has exactly one POT file and a variable number
of PO files (from 0 to about 70).

The only non-imported packages are those with 2-letter and 3-letter
names, as I did not find any workaround for the issue I reported to
Pootle about handling of such directories.

The script skips invalid files (wrong names and other errors badly
handled by Pootle, yet...until Nicolas François fixes are

It also adds missing PO files so that statistics mean something for
all languages.

Finally, the script *merges* PO files taken from the Debian packages
with the PO files in Pootle. In short, changes made in Pootle are
kept. You can check the 3rd string of the "anthy" package in French
for an example (the "Tagadatsointsoin" there is mine...:-))

The result is visible at http://i18n.debian.net/projects/debconf/

The number of PO files in the project is close to 60,000 but only
about 10,000 are real translations. The remaining 50,000 are just
copies of the POT files.

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