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Malayalam support for Debian Etch installer

I am very pleased to announced that Malayalam reached 100% translation
for Debian Installer "level 1" yesterday and has been activated by the
D-I development team.

Therefore, Malayalam will be supported in the soon to come Debian
"etch" installer.

The D-I daily builds which one can get from
http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer will have Malayalam
support as of next night (UTC).

Please note that first daily builds will have very few strings
translated because each all D-I packages need to be rebuilt to incorporate
the new language, which usually massively happens only when the
release is being prepared.

That gives the following list of supported language in the Indic


6 out of the 22 (if I'm correct) official languages in India...let's
hope we will complete the list for Debian "lenny"...:). Remember that
Debian "sarge" installer didn't support any official language from
India, except....English.

Under work currently: Kannada, Marathi, Telugu

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