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Re: [translate-pootle] translating via an intermediate language

Way way way back - on the 9th of October, I accidentally sent this to
Clytie instead of the list...  As it contains some questions for
Bruno, I'm reposting it...

On the 5th of October, Clytie quoted Bruno saying :
> "Previous msgids" will be a new feature in gettext 0.15.1. Quoting the
> NEWS file:

Thanks, Bruno!

Now I just need to talk my friendly translation editor developer into
wdiffing the strings and highlighting the differences. ;)

Sorry about the delay in replying -  the (Nationwide) ISP I use (sort of) went
bankrupt(!) so I was without full access for a while!  And it's still
not great!
( And then the midterms hit :-)

So I added support for previous msgid's to the beta track of
LocFactory Editor 2  ( And by extension Mac PO Editor 1 ).
And, just for Clytie, it highlights the added and
removed words ( though without using wdiff itself ).  Any volunteers for
beta testing?

Bruno :
Just a quick question for Bruno - due to the problems that I
mentioned, I haven't been able to look at gettext 0.15.1, so I haven't
seen a full description of the feature -  so what do multiline and
plural previous msgid id's look like?  Do they look like normal
msgid's but with the #| start or do they have a prefix on every line?



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