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dctrl-tools translation request

This is a request for translations for dctrl-tools.  Note that dctrl-tools
is an optional package, so its priority for translation is not very high.
(Also, I'm late with this.  Please forgive me:)

The current translation status is:

ca.po: 89 translated messages, 1 fuzzy.
de.po: 90 translated messages.
en_GB.po: 90 translated messages.
fi.po: 90 translated messages.
fr.po: 90 translated messages.
it.po: 66 translated messages, 5 fuzzy, 19 untranslated messages.
pl.po: 49 translated messages, 41 untranslated messages.
pt_BR.po: 90 translated messages.
sv.po: 42 translated messages, 48 untranslated messages.

Any translation updates given to me before November 5, 2006 will be
included in a translation update upload that I will attempt to get included
in etch.

Note that the program audience is system administrators, and the strings
use technical terminology.  I will not change the strings for the etch
release candidate except if there are serious issues with them.
Suggestions for improvements in the strings for post-etch are welcome (use
the BTS).  For questions, I can be reached by email and on IRC as ibid.

There are three ways to submit a translation:

1) Use Rosetta at

2) Get the .pot (and, if available, the current .po) from
http://people.debian.org/~ajk/ and submit a translation bug against
dctrl-tools in the BTS.

3) Use the darcs revision control tool (recommended only if you already
know it).  See http://people.debian.org/~ajk/dctrl-tools-darcs.html for
information about repositories and the commit policy.  (Anybody can "darcs
send" changes.)

Please coordinate so that I get at most one submission per language :)

Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho, DD

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