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Announce of the NMU for the album package

Dear maintainer of album and Debian translators,

On 18 oct 2006 I sent a notice to the maintainer of the album Debian
package, mentioning the status of debconf-related bugs in the BTS (bug #388705).

I announced the intent to build and possibly upload a non-maintainer upload
for this package in order to fix this long-time pending localization
bug as well as all other pending translations.

The package maintainer did not respond in a week so I will proceed with the

Indeed, the NMU will simply remove the current debconf note as
suggested in #388705 and therefore close all debconf translation bugs
(yes, they won't be used at all, sorry for that but the note is of no
use and is clear debconf abuse).

The following will happen (or already has):

 25 oct 2006   : post a NMU announcement to debian-i18n with you
                 (maintainer) CC'ed
 26 nov 2006   : build the package and upload it to DELAYED/0-day
                 send the NMU patch to the BTS
 26 nov 2006   : NMU uploaded to incoming
 27 nov 2006   : NMU enters unstable

Thanks for your efforts and time.


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