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D-I translations, levels 2-5 string freeze +2 days: 46/42/25/34/22


- The official freeze is over. Packages have been uploaded for level

- The final official count for D-I level 1 is:
  Complete supported languages: 46+1 (English)
      Arabic, Belarusian, Bengali, Catalan, Czech, Danish, German
      Dzongkha, Greek, Esperanto, Spanish, Basque, Finnish, French
      Galician, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Croatian, Hungarian
      Indonesian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Lithuanian, Macedonian
      Norwegian Bokmål, Nepali, Dutch, Portuguese, 
      Brazilian Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Albanian
      Swedish, Tamil, Thai, Tagalog, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese
      Wolof, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional)

  Partial translations: 9
      Estonian (98%), Latvian (98%), Polish (98%)
      Slovenian (97%), Norwegian Nynorsk (95%), Punjabi (95%)
      Bulgarian (92%), Bosnian (92%), Kurdish (77%)

  De-activated languages because of no activity or too low
  translation ratio: 
      Irish, Welsh, Kazakh, Northern Sami, Malagasy, Persian
      Icelandic, Georgian

- Levels 2 to 5 are still under string freeze

- Basque joins the "full 100%" club

- Call for "l10n upload" sent to the maintainers of the following
    popularity-contest, menu, apt, dpkg, aptitude, debconf

- 21 languages are 100% everywhere: 
  ca cs da de dz es eu fr gl it ja km nb pt pt_BR ro ru sk sv vi zh_TW

For details about the statistics, please see


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