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D-I translations, final status + 1day: 45/42/??/33/21


- The official freeze is over. But packages have not been upaloded yet
  for level 1. So, We can consider we were, yesterday, still in a
  moment where changes are allowed and can be used

- Levels 2 to 5 are still under string freeze

- USE THE SPELLCHECKER. Please refer to Frans message for errors that
  can be corrected

- 2 languages re-completed in level 1 after being fuzzied because of 
  wrong variable handling: Tamil, Hindi

- Stats for level 3 are sometimes screwed because the SVN server seems
  to be down at some moments. If you're notified because the xorg
  stats go from 135t to 135u, ignore the message

- 20 languages are 100% everywhere: 
  ca cs da de dz es fr gl it ja km nb pt pt_BR ro ru sk sv vi zh_TW

For details about the statistics, please see

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