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Status of D-I translations 2006/10/12: 04/37/01/27/09

News from today:

- New templates in D-I level 1 for partman-auto-raid

- Very last changes before the freeze expected to happen today
  on load-floppy templates (should give 1 or 2 fuzzies)

- Beginning of the freeze for D-I level 1 planned for today. Should
  last until October 22nd

- Exim4 call for updates still not sent on mainntainer's request

- Call for updates sent for:
  - shadow (debconf).
  - apt

- popularity-contest maintainers are OK for a call for updates

- menu upload done. All menu translations complete except one.
  Call for updates and new translations to be sent today

The subject of these messages gives the number of 100% languages
for the relevant day, as of 04:00UTC (the run of the D-I stats script)
for each level, from 1 to 5.

For details about levels, please see

For details about the statistics, please see

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