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IMPORTANT: D-I level 1 recent changes for partman-*

D-I translators, 

You will discover today yet another last minute change which will
break down our stats for level 1 again.

This very important change is meant to make things clearer on the
screen shown to users when they choose the partitioning method.

One of its goals is to make it clear to users that even when choosing
the "guided" partitioning, they will have an opportunity to confirm
everything before disks or partitions are modified. This is indeed
while this is called "guided" partitioning and not "automatic" partitioning.

The main screen will look like this:

The installation system allows you to either use guided partitioning 
(using different standard recipes), or set up partitions manually.

If you choose guided partitioning for an entire disk, you will next be 
asked which disk should be used.

Partitioning method:

 Guided - use the largest continuous free space
 Guided - use entire disk
 Guided - use entire disk and set up LVM
 Guided - use entire disk and set up encrypted LVM

Please be careful to avoid too long strings for the menu entries. They
are limited to 55 columns by the text interface and, yes, this is
tricky because LVM is jargon..:-)

Please make these changes as soon as possible. Before the change,
there were 29 complete languages for level 1. I expect us to be back
there in less than 3 days. Prove me right, folks.

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