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The "NMU campaign" has begun

Dear i18n team members,

After one week of testing and then one week of real use by myself, I
think that we can consider that the campaign for NMUs (and other ways
to fix packages) to fix longstanding l10n issues has begun.

We will focus on packages that have at least one pending l10n bug
since more than 100 days. These packages have been identified by
Thomas Huriaux and sorted according to a score which is the sum of the
age of all pending l10n bugs.

The result has been compiled on Lucas Wall dedicated page:


A work method similar to the one used in early 2005 will be used. This
work method is described in http://people.debian.org/~lwall/i18n/nmu/

This method involves several exchanges with maintainers (in the hope
we can reach them) and takes great care of not hurting them. Please
respect that work method. Lucas Wall pages give all needed details and
offer some scripts to make the proecss easier.

Please join the effort. Non Debian developers can participate to the
whole effort, provided they know enough about packages build. In case
they reach the NMU step, they will need some DD to check that
everything is OK and upload the NMU'ed package.

If you read d-d-a, you know that the Debian base system is already
frozen. That means that the release process is on its way and we have
few time (I'd say "only October"....) so please don't hesitate for too


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