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Re: TDebs?

"Aigars Mahinovs" <aigarius@gmail.com> writes:

> There was a very lively discussion in Spain about translation debs and
> someone claimed that they have discussed all options and will very
> soon document them with all the pros and cons on the Wiki. I was not
> in the discussion, so I would really love to read that.

I liked this idea a lot but I have some questions:

 - how can I do to avoid upgrade tdebs when there's no translation
 - when upgrading from etch to etch+1 (let's think it'll be done
   there) dpkg, apt and aptitude would be need to be upgraded _before_
   anything else. Will be some stages where no translation will be
   found. Will be it be a problem for dpkg?
 - Do a libc change be need?

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