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Important: Languages that must keep their pace to stay in Debian Installer release

(Bcc'ed to translators addresses I have. Please reply to debian-i18n only)

The following languages have had a quite low, but not NULL, activity
in the recent weeks, for Debian Installer translations.

They will not be disabled for D-I RC1, but an effort should be visible
for the D-I Release Manager to accept them as still releasable with RC2.

Malagasy      | 2006-05-08 |  933t  175f  412u
Icelandic     | 2006-08-13 |  664t  102f  754u
Northern Sami | 2006-08-22 |  949t    8f  563u
Irish         | 2006-08-27 |  608t    5f  907u
Gujarati      | 2006-09-23 | 1015t    0f  505u

(the risk for Gujarati, with high recent activity, is much lower)

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