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Another potential mass bug filing: unused templates?

> > Quoting Mark Brown (broonie@sirena.org.uk):
> > > Incidentally, your script appears to not pick up on templates that are
> > > just never referenced.  Presumably these are generally even more of a
> > > waste of time for translators than low priority notes...

Mark Brown pointed me to another interesting target for "mass" bug
filing: checking whether debconf templates defined as translatable in
packages are indeed really used somewhere.

I'm pretty sure that we can find occurrences of debconf templates that
have been left in package's "templates" files but are no more used by
the packages maintainer scripts (nor by any other package maintainer

That mistake is indeed very easy to do....just remove parts of
maintainer scripts and forget about removing the relevant templates.

Does anyone feel like playing with scripts to check whether this would
actually be worth it ?

(Mark Brown quotes from private exchanges with his permission)

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