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Re: DDTP: Word wrap in package descriptions

On 9/21/06, Jens Seidel <jensseidel@users.sf.net> wrote:
You mean the style could differ in one paragraph? I first assumed it's not
allowed but the policy seems not to forbid it. This could make your
implementation a littler bit more complex.

Yeah, but it's doable. At least the definition is clear.

Maybe it's better to display a warning together with a substitution by
(one?) space:

"Your text contained TABs. This is invalid and they were replaced by spaces.
Please check your translation for proper indentation."

This might be a reasonable alternative.

But what about all the buggy English descriptions? In the (now slightly
outdated :-)) DDTP documentation I wrote it may be a good idea to consider
English as another language and allow corrections to descriptions this
way. If you have any good idea and want to allow fixing English description
as well ...

Well, I've thought of a few ways to deal with this:

- Treat english as another language. If while translating you think
the original sucks, you can open a pseudo-translation to fix it. This
would go through the same process of review as normal translations,
except when submitted it would get filed as a bug in the BTS instead.

- Similar idea, but have users write and review the bug message directly.

There must be a process for handling buggy descriptions somewhere? Any
thoughts on that?

Have a nice day,
Martijn van Oosterhout <kleptog@gmail.com> http://svana.org/kleptog/

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