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Re: D-I Manual - new release uploaded

On Wednesday 12 July 2006 11:45, Frans Pop wrote:
> Now that we've made loads of changes again, it's time to plan a new
> release. Main reason is that this would allow the latest version to be
> included in the Beta 3 release of the installer.

With a bit more than one day delay to allow last minute updates for a few 
languages, I've uploaded the new release of installation-guide.

Thanks to a huge last minute surprise effort from the Spanish and Korean 
translators, and to a lesser extend those for Catalan, Czech and 
Vietnamese, only one language had to be excluded from the release because 
the translation is not sufficiently up-to-date: Greek.
We can also celebrate a new translation that was added in this release: 
Vietnamese, thanks to the efforts of Clytie.

My sincere thanks to all translators for their hard work.

Jens Seidel posted some questions with regard to the release policy I am 
following for the Installation Guide.
- there was no real support for his viewpoint from the actual translators
  of the manual,
- we've had excellent results for the last few releases where almost all
  translations were fully up-to-date and practically all fully translated,
- I am convinced that the current policy helps getting as many high
  quality translations as possible ready for the release of Etch,
I don't see any reason to change it.

What I will do is make the release policy explicit by including it on [1]. 
This is not done yet, but is now on my ToDo list.
How translators plan their work within that release policy is of course 
their choice. They all know how the need for a huge last minute effort 
can be avoided, but again, that is up to them :-)

There are now two translations that have been included in a previous 
release, but are currently excluded because they have not been updated:
- Greek (el)
- Traditional Chinese (zh_TW)
I hope these can catch up again, at least in time for the Etch release.

Updates to the manual are welcome again.


[1] http://d-i.alioth.debian.org/manual/translators.html

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