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Re: [help on a bug] utf8 encoding for the vim tutor

On Tuesday 25 July 2006 10:24, Stefano Zacchiroli wrote:
> Could you please comment on that? Am I going to make Traditional
> Chinese users angry by adding the utf-8 encoding of the tutorial. I can
> hardly see way, but better safe than sorry.

From my experience with the Installation Guide, I know that Simplified 
Chinese and Traditional Chinese are really two separate languages (or at 
least written differently). For the translation of the manual completely 
different characters are used, even if they are from the same general 
range in the UTF-8 tables [1].

So I guess that if you currently have two variations of the tutorial in 
the classic encodings and want to convert to UTF-8, you should try to 
convert both versions to zh_CN.utf-8 and zh_KO.utf-8 respectively.

The next question is whether to keep or drop the tutorial in the 
traditional encoding. Etch is going to be released with utf-8 as default 
encoding for new installations. However, a lot of upgraded systems are 
still going to be configured for the classic encodings.
So, my suggestion would be to keep both encodings, at least for Etch and 
maybe drop the version with classic encodings afterwards.

I guess we are going to need a general transition for encoding of 
documentation at some point and advise users in the Release Notes on how 
to deal with the transition.

Hope this helps,

P.S. This is a layman's opinion. I don't speak/read/write Chinese at all.

[1] Compare the list of codepoints used for both languages on

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