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Status of D-I Beta 3 release (was: [D-I] Call for translation update for next Beta release)

On Monday 19 June 2006 17:50, Frans Pop wrote:
> We will soon be starting the preparations for the next Beta release of
> the installer for Etch. When exactly depends on the migration of the
> 2.6.16 kernel to testing.
> As with past Beta releases, we will not have a formal string freeze and
> we do not guarantee that all translation updates will be uploaded. We
> will make an effort to have most translations as up-to-date as possible
> though. If you would like your translation to be as complete as
> possible in the next release, please start updating now!

For those wondering about the status of this announced release...

The actual release has been delayed because the kernel version we need for 
the release is still not available in testing. Chances are this will 
happen sometime next week.

I have this week uploaded most installer components that had translation 
updates. A few components that only had updates for a very small number 
of languages have been skipped; these will be included in the next 
release after Beta 3.


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