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Re: Summary of Debconf i18n activities

> >If some of the participants want to add stuff or correct me, please do
> >so. Please do not add ideas that HAVE NOT been discussed at Debconf.
> :-o what do you mean? is the idea set complete?

No. But this is meant to be the report of Debconf discussions, not a
general report about recent i18n activities.

> I see all the talk done about Pootle and the other project, but as I
> said before, please think about TransDict if you are willing to talk
> about specific projects.

You maybe will think that's a bit rude but so far we've decided to go
with Wordforge. The main reason is not technical, but more a bet on
the future. Wordforge.org has proven to be a reliable partner and has
already show thei commitment and openess. And, frankly, I think that
the project has a wider scope.

This does not completely rule Transdict out. If some parts of the
interface are interesting enough, I see no reason for not being able
to plug them.

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