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Re: Google summer of code: i18n infrastructure


> > For starters, I believe I mentioned the intent to automate in part
> > the interaction with the Debian BTS.  Does that count?
> Sometimes developer ask questions about submitted translations.
> Someone has then to act as a proxy and file bug reports, one should
> not file bug reports from fake mail addresses.  See buildd admins
> for instance, they file bugs with their name and email, not from
> a bot.

I did not mean that the system should send e-mails completely
automatically.  That would be done by a person (probably with a
reviewer rights) who decides "OK, this new translation is in a good
state", clicks a button on the web interface and the system generates a
patch and files a l10n bug report on his behalf.

> > > In most other large groups, translators have direct access to a
> > > central CVS/SVN repository, but this will not happen in Debian.
> > 
> > Could you explain this strong statement?  Is it a matter of
> > principle or just technical reasons?
> Because developers are mostly free to do what they want with their
> packages.

Sure, but I still don't see why that stops us from having a large
central repository.  If we are careful to pull changes from wherever we
can and establish an efficient "pushing" process, the resulting
system would provide just that, "direct access to a central
repository" for all intents and purposes.

Gintautas Miliauskas

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