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Re: D-I Manual - Making entities translatable


On Mon, May 01, 2006 at 06:56:50PM +0200, Frans Pop wrote:
> I'd very much appreciate if you would spend some time thinking
> about this change and how it could be used for your language.

I want to post a summary, what entities would be good for german:
	"Debian GNU/Linux"
	"Sarge" / "Etch" / ...
	"sarge / "etch" / ...
	"SARGE" / "ETCH" / ...

	If we want to keep "debian-installer" extra formatted as
	a name / label (it is currently
	<classname>debian-installer</classname>), we would need 
	for german: 
	"Debian-Installer" or "debian-installer"   (as we want it, 
						   uppercase or
	"Debian-Installers" or "debian-installers"
	"Debian-Installer's" or "debian-installer's"

	If we don't want to have "Debian-Installer" extra
	formatted, I don't need 
	"Debian-Installers"  and
	because I would make it this way: "&D-I;'s" 
	to avoid confussion with too much unnecessary entities
	(for german! Maybe it's not possible this way in other

	BTW: I like "debian-installer" as it is now!
	(lowercase and extra formatted; as its own special

> I've been considering introducing an extra entity:
>    &D-I-gen; => "Debian Installer's" (-gen for genitive)
> Would that entity also be useful for translations?

See above. When extra formatted, it's necessary! Otherwise not
(for german!).

> I'd also appreciate feedback from Colin if this will really help
> him for Ubuntu. Of course, the real benefit will only start after
> additional manual conversions have been done as well.

Not sure: wasn't Ubuntu developping their own graphical installer?



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