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Re: Level1-specific checks

>I suggest that the spellchecker script checks the
>packages/localechooser/languagelist file when encountering languages
>that fil this check. IF the given language is "category 4", then the
>check should be ignored.

will fix that soon: thanx for the pointer.

>This actually means that the language list above should shorten down
>to "lt,se,wo".

the warning is not just about the "MUST BE UNDER xx COLUMNS":

>> bn
65 columns warning

>> dz
wrong choose mirror string
wrong timezone msgstr

>> hi
missing "/Choose language" substring

>> km
missing "/Choose language" substring
wrong choose mirror string

>> lt
65 columns warning

>> se
missing "/Choose language" substring

>> th
missing "/Choose language" substring

>> wo
65 columns warning

>Apart from that, great work, Davide. We should now try to find a way
>to "push" this information to translators by mail.

I've to think about it: I don't want to send an email per day if a translator 
is on holiday.


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