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Re: merging PO branches?

Quoting Robert Millan (rmh@aybabtu.com):
> [ Please CC me, I'm not subscribed ]
> Hi!
> How does one operate to merge different branches in a PO file?  It seems
> traditional "diff & patch" methods are very fragile.
> Let's say I modify a PO file, then prepare a patch to send the maintainer.
> However, since PO files are full of references to C source line numbers, it's
> very likely that when the PO is updated by the maintainer, my patch will no
> longer work (context broken; fuzzy/offset matching is useless).
> I've noticed the msg* tools in gettext offer a lot of possibilities for
> filtering strings, etc.  But I couldn't find a "msgdiff/msgpatch" pair of
> commands which is what I really wanted.

In such case, I recommend sending the whole PO file rather than a

More generally, and precisely for the reasons you explain, I don't
recommend sending diffs for PO files, except when you're completely
sure that the diff applies to an up-to-date file AND that it will be
applied quickly.

I personnally never send dif/patches for PO files I maintain.

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