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Activating Northern Sami translation in Debian installer

Today, I activated Northern Sami translations in D-I after the initial
effort by Børre Gaup.

So, starting from today, these translations will be able to spread out
among all D-I packages and, as a consequence, will also be in future
Ubuntu and Skolelinux installers (the exact timing will depend on
their respective schedules).

D-I will include these Northern Sami translations in the upcoming
beta3 release (don't ask me for a schedule, though!)

More information for readers outside Norway (I'm not a
specialist, please correct me if I'm wrong):

Sami languages (among which the Northern one is by far the most
spoken) are a family of languages spoken by the Sami people, who live
in Norway, Finland and Sweden. The Sami people were called "Lapp"
people in the past but that name is considered derogatory
(i.e. negatively connotated). The estimated number of speakers is
21000 from Ethnologue (15000 in Norway). The language is teached in
the Norwegian school system, which explains why the Skolelinux project
needs it to be supported.

Northern Sami will then take the title of the "less widely spoken
language supported by D-I" to Icelandic...:-)

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