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Re: base, essential, core - important terminology question.

On Sun, 26 Feb 2006, Christian Perrier wrote:

> >  Base system - package: various priority & variuos sections: e.g.
> >                Required/base Important/admin Standard/libs even Extra
> >                packages
> These are the packages that are installed by debootstrap to build a
> "Debian minimal system"
> They are also the packages you get installed when you uncheck all
> tasks in tasksel during a normal install
> For precision, from the Policy:
> The base system is a minimum subset of the Debian GNU/Linux system
> that is installed before everything else on a new system. Thus, only
> very few packages are allowed to go into the base section to keep the
> required disk usage very small.
>  Most of these packages will have the priority value required or at
>  least important,

 As I see, total mimumu subset (new term:-)) is in req & imp section from
kernel through editor & comiler 2 package manager, so this is the real
base (minimum, required?) system, isn't it?

>  and many of them will be tagged essential (see below).

> >  Core packages - What is the difference ? What is `Core' exactly ? I
> >                can't translate as `most_important, standard or base'
> >                packages 'cause `Important' & `Standard' are priorities
> >                (see above), `Base' is a section.
> Not completely sure about that one. Is this in aptitude's context?

 e.g. in d-i, unfurtunately : Installing core packages... What the hell
is? :-)

> >  Essential packages - a new term again (mainly used in higher pm's -
> >                aptitude for example) - What is the difference ? What is
> >                `Essential' exactly ? I can't translate as `most_important,
> >                standard, base or core' packages 'cause `Important' &
> >                `Standard' are priorities (see above), `Base' is a section
> >                & `core package' is undefined term in other tools.
> http://www.debian.org/doc/debian-policy/ch-binary.html#s3.8
> Essential packages are packages that cannot be easily removed. Doing
> so despite the huge warning given by dpkg in such case puts you at
> risk of a system very hard to recover.
> Such packages must provide all their functionality even when
> unconfigured.

 ok: base system=Req + Imp + these essential tagged packages, Very THX :-)

 but remaining question:

 #: ../base-installer.templates:217
   msgid "Installing core packages"

 what are `core packages'? I don't understand this term absolutely &
cannot resolve its meaning strongly getting the difference related to
`Req + Imp packages' or `whole Base System' or `just Essential packages'.

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