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Re: Bug#352265 - updated my tasksel, i don't see Hungarian Tasks :-(

Quoting SZERVÁC Attila (sas@321.hu):
> On Sat, 25 Feb 2006, Christian Perrier wrote:
> > Oh, sorry, I read your bug report quite quickly.
> >
> > Well, another reason for not seeing the Hungarian tasks is that the
> > overrides update that need to be done by the ftpmaster for tagging the
> > Hu task packages for the Hungarian task has not yet been done.
>  Oh, THX:-) Finelly I see :-) Yes, hungarian & hungarian-desktop tasks are
> new & their contents have 2 wait for tagging by ftp-Master :-))
>  I'm sorry again :-)
>  Another strangeness, that some language have no "xy desktop" string in
> debian-tasks.pot, however they have *-desktop metapackage. E.g. arabic,
> bengali, chinese-t etc.
>  Tagging packages of hungarian tasks is auto or I have 2 send bugreports
> their maintaners?

I think this is automatically done by the ftpmasters...but Joey knows
more than me on these issues.


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