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Re: [D-I] Etch Debian Installer beta 1 released: i18n facts

Christian Perrier wrote:
Quoting Erdal Ronahi (erdal.ronahi@gmail.com):
    So far, I haven't seen ku translations for base-config, shadow,
    console-data...only iso-codes, afaik.

At least newt is completely translated and filed as a bug, but does not show up

Well, this is because the newt package maintainer did not fix the bug
yet. That happens often: you depend on maintainer's schedule to update
their packages.

The bug is fixed in the experimental version of newt (0.52.1-1). You can see the fixed-in-experimental tag
in the BTS.

The new version of newt changes the SONAME but otherwise is API-identical to the one in debian
(its the redhat version catching up with the Debian changes). I can make an 0.51 version with Kurdish
if need be, but would rather see 0.52 in testing in time for the next beta. (ASAP, ideally, but don't
want to push another transition on Debian right now, even if small).


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